What is Pigskin, and what are the 2021 plans for the event?


Reena Gupta

In 2019, Pigskin was a huge success, with the Investment club selling root beer floats to countless students.

Ritika Gupta, Page Editor

The Pigskin at Amador Valley is an annual event, but this year’s event will be the first in 2 years, making it more exciting than ever. 

“[Pigskin] is one of the few events that’s built for students and families. We have a ton of student-centric events that leadership puts on, but this is something that everyone is welcome to attend. We want to see people out there in school gear, spirited, proud of school,” said Amador principal Joshua Butterfield.

This year’s Pigskin will be held on Friday, Sept. 24 after school, where the Amador football team will face their biggest rivals, the Foothill Falcons. 

“Pigskin is held during our rivalry week with Foothill High School, and the reason I believe it is called ‘Pigskin’ is because originally footballs were made out of pigskin. It’s kind of a celebration of the rivalry that we have with Foothill,” said leadership teacher Shawn Weber.

The Pigskin is a great opportunity for students and parents to learn about clubs. At the event, different clubs and organizations set up booths to sell food and apparel to advertise and fundraise. 

“The event itself is mainly for our clubs to generate fundraising. Normally, under conditions where we aren’t under COVID restrictions, we’d have a lot more availability for things like food items to purchase. Typically, you’d expect booths that are going to be selling things, like Amador hats, T-shirts, and stickers,” said Weber.

The school spirit during the event is unparalleled, since many students come to cheer on the football team while also supporting school clubs. 

“I liked how there were a lot of clubs attending [the 2019 Pigskin]. Hopefully we get to sign up for more clubs during Pigskin [this year] and also just feel the environment of Pigskin. Last time it was very lively and everyone was excited because of the football game right after,” said Janani Prasad (‘23).

With this year’s Pigskin planning to occur, anyone who attends the event can expect to be engaged in all the activities. Pigskin is always a memorable event at Amador for both students and families, leaving everyone feeling spirited and enthusiastic.