New PUSD grading policy: failing prevention


Kendall Witters

On May 12th, the AVHS counselors sent an update to students and families regarding this update.

Marisa Fidone and Yash Bachu

As students nationwide have limited access to learning opportunities throughout the pandemic, the Pleasanton Unified School district has recognized their struggles and a temporary grading policy has been established by the special board of Trustees. 

On May 6th the Board extended the temporary Cr/Nr grading policy from last semester to this semester as well. The board decision will allow students who receive a D or F to avoid “the immediate impact on the transcript until the course is remediated” according to the Pleasanton Unified School District. 

“I personally believe it is a good policy. It catches those students who are struggling at the moment and it is very relieving for everyone who is stressed out by it,” said Nafawl Abdul Kader (‘21).

For students that are struggling with the 2020-2021 school year, this means there is a safety net so that failing grades don’t affect them as adversely as they normally would to accommodate for the struggles that distanced learning has brought.

This comes with concern from some students and parents who think that the eased impact on students’ transcripts will fail to teach students about working hard however it’s important to note that many students needed a balancing act for the tough situations that distanced learning brought.

“What we’re trying to make possible is for students to graduate, and that’s why we’re doing this temporary grading policy, ” said Board President Joan Laursen.

Ultimately, this policy decreases the number of failing students and benefits those struggling to graduate or pass courses. It will furthermore work to relieve the impact of mental illness in relation to academic performance. The board of Trustees anticipates this temporary change to be emotionally relieving not just for students, but for staff as well.