AV’s annual donversity week took a virtual platform in 2021


Kendall Witters

Leadership namely promoted Donversity week through social media, on their Instagram, ‘avhsdons’. During the event, they posted something new each day.

River Johnson, Senior Staff Writer

Last week was Donversity Week for the 2020-2021 school year! Though this annual event to celebrate our communities’ differences looked a bit different this year due to the pandemic, the students and teachers of Amador still made this year’s event great!

One of the themes throughout the week were art and music. Students across Amador posted instagram stories of their favorite songs and artists to show the music they love. The team behind Donveristy took most of the posts and made a giant playlist to represent all of the different types of music Amador students enjoy. 

“We had been planning Donversity for many months, and to see all the hard work we put into the event come to life, it is a feeling that is hard to describe. I would say my favorite part of the week would be the virtual rally. This is the first time Leadership has attempted this format of a rally, and in a year with decreased school-spirit, I think it brought a feeling of normalcy back to the Amador community,” said leadership student Grace Macneil (‘22).

Another theme that was hosted by the Donversity team was diversity between culture. The purpose was to recognize the diversity of the different cultures and nationalities that exist on our campus today. In this event students across campus submitted pictures that show and represent who they are and where they are from. The Black Student Union and Korean Culture Club also gave demonstrations on how to make their traditional meals, which is something pretty cool to see.

“I think we as a community should take a little more time to fully appreciate and celebrate our diverse Amador population. We have so many unique students, and every one of them deserves to feel welcome and wanted, and I think Donversity fully outlines those goals,” said Macneil.

Overall, Donversity was a success this year, even if it was different than other years, but that’s what Donversity week is all about right? The team behind the events did a great job in working around the pandemic safety guidelines, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for next year’s Donversity week!

“If we could top this year’s event, I hope in the future we can further unite the community by having those difficult conversations that we may not feel comfortable discussing. I am extremely proud and thankful to have been able to help plan such a respected event,” said Macneil.