Juniors to take MAP Growth Test

Mandy Wong, Senior Editor

All AVHS Juniors will be completing two MAP (Measure of Academic Performance) tests, the Reading Assessment and the Math Assessment, on April 28th and May 5th respectively. 

“The MAP test is a benchmark test that is being used this year in lieu of the CAASP test, which is a state test given to students at various times throughout their school career to assess skill proficiency in (this year) Math and English,” said AP Language and Composition teacher and English department chair Lisa Perry.

Juniors will be taking the first MAP test to measure English skill level today. Students are instructed to enter their English teacher’s Zoom room after ACCESS period to take the Reading Assessment from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

“The English MAP test is evaluating our students’ proficiency in terms of the standards we teach throughout their high school career,” said Perry.

In June, each student will be able to access a report summarizing their academic performance based on their Rasch Unit (RIT) Score. The RIT score incorporates two factors, achievement and growth. Achievement compares how well one performed in a subject compared to similar students nationwide, while growth reflects how one has progressed academically based on their personal progress over the year.

“While students should take the MAP test seriously, it is not something they should study for. It is intended to assess students’ current skill level. My advice to all students is to do their best,” said Perry.