“WandaVision”: Ranking all 9 episodes

Zachary Nicholas, Editor-in-Chief

“WandaVision”, the hit MCU series, finished about a month ago. The show was new territory for Marvel, and surprised fans and the general public alike with its originality. With that being said, let’s jump into the definitive ranking of all 9 episodes. 

Zachary Nicholas

Episode 2: Don’t Touch That Dial

Episode 2 is far and away the weakest episode of the series. We see Wanda and Vision perform at the town talent show. This episode is not by any means bad, it is just not on the same level as the others. 

Episode 1: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

Episode 1 barely beats out Episode 2, as it was the episode that introduced us to this show and its concept. These first two episodes do not offer much looking back at the whole show, but they served as a great introduction. 

Episode 7: Breaking the Fourth Wall

The Modern Family-like episode was an outlier in a long line of great episodes. There was so much more that could have been done with the mockumentary style. 

Episode 3: Now in Color

Now in Color was when the show took a leap. The 70s aesthetic is beautiful, and the story really began to take off. Not to mention, we got the birth of Wanda’s children!

Episode 4: We Interrupt This Program

This episode completely switched the perspective. It showed us quite a lot about life after “The Blip” and people outside Westview. We also met Monica Rambeau, who is amazing. 

Episode 6: All-New Halloween Spooktacular!

Episode 6 was very fun. It was entertaining to watch Wanda’s kids use their powers. Also, Vision did some interesting investigating. 

Episode 5: On a Very Special Episode

This episode was great from start to finish. We learn a lot about Wanda and the world that she created. There is also a great cameo, and some amazing acting between the titular characters. 

Episode 9: The Series Finale

The finale had the perfect blend of action and drama. We see Wanda fight someone as strong as she is, and Vision meets his equal as well. This episode capped off a great show, and teased a lot more to come for the MCU. 

Zachary Nicholas

Episode 8: Previously On

Far and away the best watch in the series was episode 8. We follow Wanda and Agatha as they travel throughout Wanda’s memories. Some of the best moments in the series are in this episode, and Vision’s line of “but what is grief, if not love persevering?” is heartbreakingly beautiful.