What’s happening with the Don Squad?


Kendall W

Don Squad is known for their spirit, which is not only projected through their voices, but is also visible in what they wear to support their fellow Dons!

Kendall Witters, Editor

Decked out head to toe in all things Amador, bleeding purple and gold, and leading the Purple Pit in cheers. This is the Don Squad we know and love, but without sports, where are they now? 

Every year, the most spirited and AV loving seniors are selected to be part of the Don Squad. It’s a tradition that some have dreamed of taking part in since they went to their first Amador sporting event. 

“Don Squad is a group of spirited seniors that hope to be an example for students in all grades to show their spirit and support for the school especially at sports games,” said Don Squad member Emily Cassetti (‘21).

Don Squad has been part of Amador culture for a long time, even when AV teacher Brett Bower graduated from Amador in 2008!

“School Spirit was a major part of the community when I graduated in 2008. Football was obviously a hot spot, but we made sure to show up for everything….and if you can believe it, even if there was a test the next day. It truly was all about supporting our friends and classmates,” said Bower.

This year, with the lack of sporting events, it seems that Don Squad. But leadership is determined to keep this tradition alive and to maintain school spirit. 

“At the beginning of the year, Leadership was so excited to get going with Don Squad that we skipped a few steps in the approval process so the program had to be put on hold,” said ASB member Abbey Baer (‘21).

Around twenty seniors have been selected to be on this year’s Don Squad; the question is now what will they be doing? AV sports are starting to practice now, but who knows if students will be allowed at games, Don Squad included. 

“For the remainder of the year, we’re hoping to drum up some school spirit that can continue into next year, and to have seniors get to participate in some typical senior experiences that we haven’t had the chance to this year so far,” said Baer

Even if Don Squad isn’t cheering at games, leadership is confident they’ll be able to have fun with this group.

“I think any way to try and reach out to students is a net gain for our school spirit. Like all groups, Leadership has been dealt a difficult hand to play with when trying to build a community of school spirit in this environment but it has been impressive to see what they have been able to do,” said Bower.

Seniors are excited too, as any glimpse of the senior year they pictured is still something. 

“I feel like I can bring a certain energy and vibe to the table. I wanted to end my high school experience with something fun, and I felt like Don Squad was the right choice. What I hope to do on Don Squad is make people’s lives more enjoyable and fun. It’s been a tough year, and any form of normalcy is beneficial,” said Don Squad member Timmy Pak (‘21)

Don Squad is a great environment to put yourself out there, have fun, and make new friends. This year leadership plans to use social media to promote Don Squad and boost school spirit; their Instagram is @avdonsquad.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Don Squad because I love to show my spirit for Amador and support and cheer on athletes at games,” said Cassetti

Regardless of whether or not a live student audience will be able to attend sporting events, be on the lookout for Don Squad sometime soon!