Horatio Wolffe joins the AV journalism class for his second year as a staff writer. He completes his work earnestly which ranges from writing stories and anchoring on AVTV to fundraising and manual labor and asks for more. Horatio is a hardworker if nothing else, not inlvolving himself with sports or academics, he spends the time he doesn’t have to be in school; sleeping, exercising, working, and having fun. He works as a soccer referee in Pleasanton and an electrician, rancher, woodsman in Walowa County, Oregon. His idea of fun includes learning a utilising practical skills that will come in handy in his future career.

"I admit that I am not the brightest bulb in the pack and I find difficulty liking school activites. I prefer to better myself free of outside pacing and the pressure of marketing myself to the world at all times corrupting my motives. The few things I care about I care very deeply about and pay great, resources, attention to detail, and if neccesary my life to preserve and improve. For instance, I donate over 150 dollars a year to the Sierra Club and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation each. I love America and will be enlisting inthe Army after I graduate, with aspirations of bcoming a Green Beret"

Horatio Wolffe, Staff Writer

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