Study Playlist (Instrumental Vers.)

Study Playlist (Instrumental Vers.)

Nina Moothedath and Trisha Khattar May 21, 2021

A counterpart to our other study playlist, this one consists only of instrumental music to help all of you study for finals this weekend. Good luck, dons!             5:32...

Cover by Sierra Deaver

Study Playlist

Parth Mishra, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

Finals are a stressful period for all students, especially if one has challenging classes. Sometimes, studying for these exams requires a certain atmosphere that can only be evoked by music. So, here’s...

Donversity: Behind the Scenes

Donversity: Behind the Scenes

Mandy Wong April 23, 2021

AVRadio is proud to present a behind-the-scenes look at the production and presentation of Amador Valley's first virtual Donversity rally!  In this podcast, editor Mandy Wong sits down with project leader...

Influential Women in Radio

Influential Women in Radio

Elyssa Lieu and Parth Mishra April 1, 2021

To commemorate Women’s History Month, AVRadio presents Influential women in radio and media, highlighting the women who paved the way in broadcast journalism and whose work in their field still impacts...

Vaccination: A Look Beneath the Surface

Vaccination: A Look Beneath the Surface

Jack Chen March 29, 2021

In this podcast, AVRadio journalist Jack Chen dives into a look beneath the surface of vaccination and its history.

Inclusivity in Pleasanton

Inclusivity in Pleasanton

Trisha Khattar and Nina Moothedath March 14, 2021

AVRadio is proud to present our new series, Inclusivity in Pleasanton, where we explore the history of Pleasanton through a modern lens and delve into how it shapes our actions today.             1....

Sierra Deaver

Political Parley With AVRadio

Albertine Combs and Parth Mishra March 1, 2021

AV Radio is proud to present our ongoing series, Political Parley, where we'll examine key issues and events in politics today, as well as bring on guests to discuss multiple points of view.             1....

Black History Month: Influential Black Artists

Black History Month: Influential Black Artists

Parth Mishra, Jack Chen, and Nina Moothedath February 27, 2021

As February comes to a close, AVRadio is back with a series of podcasts highlighting influential black artists, from visual artists to singers, writers to filmmakers. All four of these individuals have...

cover by Sierra Deaver

Valentine’s Day Playlist

Jeanette D, Editor February 14, 2021

This Valentine's Day, AVRadio presents a playlist full of your favorite love songs, from the all-time classics to new hits.                 we...

Alone on Valentine's Day Playlist

Alone on Valentine’s Day Playlist

Trisha Khattar and Nina Moothedath February 14, 2021

Our "Alone on Valentine's Day" playlist consists of three segments: sadness, bittersweet anger, and self-love celebration.              1. Dancing...

Casey Chang

Amador New Year’s Resolutions

Parth Mishra and Nina Moothedath February 1, 2021

With the first month of 2021 coming to a close, AVRadio looked into different Amador Student's New Year's Resolutions, including why they chose them, how progress has gone so far, and their plans for the...

Reviews with AVRadio

Reviews with AVRadio

Renna Popli, Parth Mishra, and Trisha Khattar January 31, 2021

AVRadio presents our new series: Reviews with AVRadio, where we review, analyze, and break down music albums, books, movies, and other media types. We hope that you enjoy listening to our staff writers'...

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