Movie Review: ‘Bad Hair’


Zachary Nicholas

‘Bad Hair’ was released on October 16 on Hulu.

Sharan Robinson, Staff Writer

The movie ‘Bad Hair’ is about a woman who, with a dislike of her natural hair and constant criticism of said hair by others, decides to wear a weave. The weave then comes to life and goes on a killing spree, until she decides to cut it off. 

One of the main themes throughout the movie is “culture”. Specifically, learning from the teaching that our respective cultures can teach us.  This is clearly shown in the time period where the movie takes place. The movie is set in the 1990s when hip-hop takes off according to the film. 

The CGI and graphics of the movie do not suit the year we find ourselves in. It can be felt that they are a bit outdated. But the fact of the matter is, despite this being a horror film, it is not a film that should be watched for that purpose. And when taking into consideration the fact that the movie had a budget of 8 million dollars it is understandable that the animation of the hair is not what was most important in the movie. 

The purpose of the film is more than to scare the viewer. The commentary on the social and employment positions that working women find themselves in and the problems that come with those positions is very well done.  

Speaking of scary, there are not a lot of things to be scared about in the movie. Due to the fact that the main scary element in the movie was indeed hair, to me, it was more comical than scary. 

The ending in terms of events is a bit, uneventful. The conclusion to the movie is when the true mastermind and the origin of the protagonist’s problems are actually revealed. And unless the movie’s creators want to make this a sequel it would make no sense to put the reveal at the end. 

One criticism that can be made is the fact that there are a lot of characters whose purpose in the movie is not made clear. But this isn’t really uncommon. A lot of movies include characters that serve no purpose but to move the plot or explain a concept. In this move when a character is introduced, they’re completely forgotten the second they leave the scene. Only about 5 characters stay relevant till the end of the story. 

The conclusions the movie arrives at and the points it tries to make are life-affirming. Do not give up your culture and traditions. Do not change yourself for others. Do not go into an expensive hair salon and expect the weave you get to not be magical and evil.