Students are remotely signing in from distant locations


Kendall Witters

Students can join their online classes from any location, as long as they have internet and a working device.

Kendall Witters, Editor

When it comes to attending your classes, it’s as easy as the click of a few buttons and you’re there. This now gives students the flexibility to sign in from anywhere. 

Locations range from going to a friend’s house all the way to traveling to another state. Some students have jumped at this opportunity made possible by remote learning.

“I went to South Lake Tahoe for four days. I liked being able to go on vacation and not having to catch up on a bunch of work when I get back. Doing school while on a trip was very manageable. I did my zooms and homework then I was free to do what I wanted the rest of the day,” said Ella Gervasoni (‘22).

Without the worries of having to catch up on classwork and missed assignments, some see remote learning as a doorway to new possibilities. 

“I was in Miami, Florida for 10 days. I went there because my grandparents live there and my grandfather is sick so my family wanted to see him. We also made a vacation out of it and I enjoyed doing school there. Since the time difference is 3 hours later I started school at 11:30 so I got to sleep in,” said Nathan French (‘21).

Signing in and completing work from distant locations comes with its downsides too, as it can enhance issues such as internet connection or lack of focus, to name a couple. 

“The only issue I really ran into was that the WiFi at my grandparents house was horrendous,” said French.

Unstable internet connection is a common problem many face, for it may disrupt your calls and prevent you from submitting assignments. 

“I don’t think doing school on a trip is plausible. The only benefit is that you are in a different environment to do your work, but the downside is that you will probably focus more on the trip and less on school. I really don’t think going on a trip during remote learning is the right thing to do,” said Ben Bach (‘23).

Ultimately, “staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19” (CDC), so it is important to take safety into consideration when planning trips right now.

If you do decide to travel during this time, remember that we are still in school as well as a global pandemic, so please make safe and smart decisions before, during, and after your trip!