Ms. Hewitt hosts live yoga session on September 9th


On her classroom website, Ms. Hewitt links her warm up flow, so students can start their day feeling more confident and alert.

Kendall Witters, Editor

To combat the inevitable stress of remote learning, the Leadership class organized a live yoga session with AV English teacher Ms. Hewitt. 

The Leadership class has a special committee dedicated to promoting wellness to Amador’s community. The live yoga session was their first event. 

“We decided to go with yoga because we knew it would be a beginner friendly activity that would be relaxing and meditative to the students at Amador,” said Wellness Focus task leader Shania Ahmed (‘23).

This mind-body practice can help release your worries while simultaneously lowering blood pressure and heart rate, according to the Mayo Clinic. Yoga is for everyone, as it ranges from beginner to advanced. 

“I’ve done yoga off and on for about 20 years— mostly off. I love yoga and Ms. Hewitt is an amazing Yogi. The session was just what I needed in the middle of the week. She was easy to follow, calm, and the session flowered in a powerfully calming way. [I] loved every minute and would highly recommend it to others,” said AV Registrar Linda Pipe.

The event was promoted to students, teachers, and staff, and while there was much interest in the live yoga session, not everyone who signed up was able to make it. 

“I’ve never done yoga before, but I thought it would be interesting to check out something new that the school had to offer. While I missed this session, I would definitely go to a future Wellness Focus event,” said Elliot Kang (‘21)

Ms. Hewitt, a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, is excited to bring yoga to Amador students this year. She hopes to offer her yoga teaching to more teachers and educators too. 

“Physically, it makes me feel stronger and can be challenging or relaxing (or both!). The physical practice of yoga also teaches me to use my breath more intentionally, which in turn affects my mental and emotional state. I am able to make time for quiet reflection, which has increased my emotional intelligence,” said Ms. Hewitt.

This is Leadership’s first year with a designated Wellness Focus committee and they hope to continue promoting wellness by providing opportunities and facilitating events and programs for the student body.

“We definitely plan to host more yoga sessions and other events focusing on wellness, such as gardening, fitness, and Zumba,” said ASB task overseer Luana Yeung (‘21).

To stay updated on more events from the Wellness Focus committee, be sure to check your emails as well as @avhsdons on Instagram.