Book Review: “Most Likely” by Sarah Watson

Book Review:

Jenna Thibodeau, Staff Writer

For those of you who enjoy the heartwarming life events of the girls we know and love from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Most Likely is the brand new novel for you to read during your quarancation. Four friends, different personalities, and unique futures (sadly no pants) However, Most Likely comes with an even bigger twist then a magic pair of pants.

Most Likely by Sarah Watson is a novel that follows the lives of four best friends during the rollercoaster that is their senior year. They all have passions, hopes, and dreams they aspire to fulfill and achieve. However, one of them is destined to be the President of the United States in the year 2049. The twist is the reader won’t know which one of them it is until the very end. Until the final reveal, the novel dives deep into their love lives, secrets, and struggles that hold them back from their goals.

This book is definitely not for everyone. The one word I would use to describe it is “cute.” There was nothing about the story that was necessarily thrilling or grasping, it just features your standard highschool struggles. It is lighthearted, witty, and incredibly girly. It is a girl book. I mean this in the most insulting way possible. There were lengthy inner monologues, lots of focus on feelings and sentiment, and each girl’s story revolved around their relationship problems. For me, it lacked a deeper meaning and substance.

With that being said, the novel covered themes of fate and confusion. It teaches that your biggest failures can lead to your greatest successes and that it’s impossible to predict where your path in life is going to take you. For the audience that this book was written for (highschool girls), these are important ideas to be discussing. Especially when so much is unknown about your future during your highschool years. It’s what intellectuals like to call, a coming-of-age novel, which can always mean something to specific people.

If you want to read, laugh a little, and perhaps relate to struggling characters, this book is a must. This story is the true embodiment of a full circle moment. If you want to find out who our president will be in 29 years, I suggest you read Most Likely by Sarah Watson.