Movie Review: ‘1917’

Movie Review: '1917'

The Mycenaean

Gianna Ghio, Staff Writer

  1917, starring George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, is currently available for public viewing, and is definitely worth the watch.  

1917 was about two British soldiers, Lance Corporal Schofield, and Lance Corporal Blake during World War 1. They are charged with impossible orders from General Erinmore to advance through enemy territory to deliver a message to Colonel Mackenzie to call off their doomed attack on the German army. 

The German Army was aware of the British plan, and were waiting in ambush entrenched in the Hindenburg Line with artillery divisions. If Blake and Schofield can reach Colonel Mackenzie in time they could potentially save the lives of 1600 soldiers including Blakes’s brother. 

From the beginning, the film was tense with intrigue, action and suspense while the audience rooted for the young soldiers to complete their mission against all odds. 

Moviegoers were on the edge of their seats as the young soldiers went through “no man’s land,” faced booby traps, sprinted past dead bodies, and faced enemy soldiers. 

Adding to the gore and excitement was the way in which 1917 was filmed. The cinematography made it seem like it was filmed in one shot. 

The seamless transitions from scene to scene keeps the viewer engaged and makes the movie seem so much shorter than it actually is. Not to mention the colors and the angles of the shots. 

Everyone felt as if they were right alongside Corporal Schofield and Corporal Blake experiencing the same hardships, triumphs and emotions they were experiencing.

 1917 takes moviegoers on a thrill ride as it gives the audience an unapologetic view of the horrors of war. 

Additionally, the movie also inspires viewers as they witness the courage and persistence of the young soldiers as they press on to save their comrades complete the mission.

When one considers the strong acting, directing, and producing that was put into this movie, it is clear that 1917 is one for the books.