Collegeboard offers free AP lessons

Collegeboard offers free AP lessons

Sunny Liu, Staff Writer

After AP Exams were moved to online, CollegeBoard recently started hosting live lectures for students to attend. These lectures would go over concepts that were covered in school and some lessons even covered material that was yet to be taught.

These lessons started on March 25th and are being taught by numerous AP teachers across the US. If students cannot make it to the live lectures, there are recordings available on their YouTube Channel. 

The appeal of these lessons is that they are free, easily accessible, and available at all times. CollegeBoard has also sent out a calendar that tracks all the times of their lectures with numerous lectures spread out within every day.

These lessons are “a good attempt to transition to remote learning” said Ellie Huang (‘22). Lessons like these are another way for students to prepare for the online AP Exams for 2019-2020. They also give students another opportunity to get used to online learning.

Currently, there are lessons for many classes including the majority of AP math classes, AP science classes, AP languages, and even AP history classes. While their lessons do cover many courses, they have not included all the classes. Thus, CollegeBoard is still adding more lessons and expanding its videos.

These lessons are a sure way for students taking the 2019-2020 AP Exams to review for the exam, which will now be online. Students should consider this method to review and learn more.