Common App problems add to application anxiety

Mrinalini Narayan, Staff Writer

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More than five hundred colleges and universities and millions of college-bound seniors depend on the online Common Application. Colleges have warned students of potential problems when processing applications and unfortunately, many of these problems persist.

Seniors are under a great amount of pressure and something as little as a computer glitch in submitting their application could make a big impact.

Independent college counselor Joan Thomas said that one of the main issues was that students had to pay in order to submit the supplemental part of the application.

“Many students experience payment problems because the payment step was completed but failed to confirm and give the green check, which caused some students to pay multiple times for the same application,” said Thomas.

Senior Jackie Tiongco had issues with the website, when one college to which she applied early decision, was not able to view her transcript.

“Apparently, my application had been part of a giant ‘glitch’ that made students’ transcripts appear as completely blank pages,” Tiongco said. “So I had to ask my counselor to resubmit my transcript through email and through fax.”

The problems became evident in August, when the new version of the Common App was released. The website has trouble formatting and copying essays used from programs like Microsoft Word.

Common Application and Naviance, both used for similar purposes, have had trouble accessing the material for colleges. Despite its many issues, the amount of schools using it has doubled in the last decade. Every year over one million applications are processed.

Because of this, many universities extended their early decision and early action deadlines.

Next year, Amador students will be using Naviance to upload college applications to the Common App.

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