2019-2020 Winter Sports Recap

Mathew Carter, Staff Writer

This winter our sports teams shined in more ways than one whether they were shooting hoops, kicking goals, or getting their opponents in a headlock. The teams had an overall great season. While not everyone was able to win all of their games, all athletes could agree they had a great time.

“I think our season had a lot of ups and downs, it was a really fun team, a great group of people to be a part of. We had some really good chemistry, and that sense of fraternity and brotherhood was really evident in our season,” said Zachary Nicolas (‘21).

The basketball season was a good one, with our Varsity boys making it all the way to NCS. Boys Varsity won 57% of their games, Boys JV won 21% of their games, and although they didn’t have as many games, the Freshmen boys did exceedingly well by winning 71% of their games.

Our girls’ basketball teams also did well, the varsity girls winning 46% of their games, Freshmen winning 14%, and the JV team doing incibley well by winning 73% of their 23 games. The varsity girls team also managed to win against the Foothill Falcons with a score of 49 to 34. Although varsity lost the NCS playoff games 74-39, they still had a great season, and even enjoyed a fun trip to Hawaii.

 “We had a lot of fun with games, and just like bonding as a team was pretty fun,” said Peyton Limkakeng (22).

The soccer teams also did well this season. Our varsity boys soccer team did great, winning 62% and tying 24% of their 28 games, beating foothill 3 to 1 and although they didn’t win, they worked their way up to NCS. 

JV and Frosh also had good seasons, but some think they could improve even more.

 “I think it went pretty good, and we can probably do better next season,” Aryan Ahora (‘22).

Our girl’s soccer teams also took on the field and all three teams managed to win over half of their games. Girls varsity won 76%, JV 57%, and Freshmen 78%. The Varsity girls made their way to NCS and recently won their playoff game against San Ramone 2-0.

The wrestling team fought to the finish and made it through EBALS and NCS. They did well as a whole and had some great individual performances. Horatio Wolffe placed second in the Ebals championship, Kurt Mirador placing third in top seeds 113, and Ryan Bailey placed third in the top seeds 220. 

“It went really well. We won all of our soul meets against the DBBL teams. We had a lot of wrestlers who performed very well at the league tournament and also at the North coast section JV tournament,” said Mr. Wadkins, Amador’s JV wrestling coach.

Everyone worked hard, but there’s always room for improvement.

“I think this season was pretty good but definitely could have been better. However, there were a lot of great moments, especially when we beat Foothill during our senior dual meet,” said Matthew Chung, (‘21).

The winter sports season had its ups and downs, everyone’s hard work paid off, and all our athlete’s had nothing less than a great time.