Amador Valley holds Wellness Week on campus


Sunny Liu, Staff Writer

On the week of February 17th, Amador Valley High School hosted the Wellness Week. This week aimed to help students lose a bit of the stress that had accumulated over the year. Each day had its own event. Since there was no school on Monday, February 17th, the events started on Tuesday, February 18th. 

Tuesday started the week with a couple of games in the quad. These games included Connect Four and Jenga. There was also a bubble machine and students were free to try the large bubble maker. 

On Wednesday, students and administration wore the color green for Mental Health Awareness. During lunch, students could receive prizes for sharing what mental health meant for them through writing on sticky notes and then sticking them to a poster in the quad.

On Thursday, Amador’s leadership and administration gave out mini muffins in the quad and by the student parking lot gate. Students also brought in blankets and took their lunches to the multipurpose room where they watched an episode of “The Office”.

The last day, Friday, was Pajama day. Students also relayed positive messages through sticky notes that were placed on a board in the quad and students could pet therapy dogs. Throughout the entire week, leadership played loud music in the quad area.

Not only were there events held during lunch, but there were also numerous activities during ACCESS that students could also participate in. Some of this included yoga in the MP, color pages, and self-care awareness.

Some students feel that this week, although it might not have helped to reduce stress, helped to give their days a bit more joy. Many students enjoyed the idea of having interactive activities that allowed them to take their minds off of academics. 

“The purpose of wellness week was to show the students that the school cares for their mental health. Especially considering that Amador is so competitive and stressful to go to,” said Daniel Yuan (‘21).

However, many students feel that Wellness Week could have been better promoted and it had other flaws as well.

“I think the school could’ve done a better job promoting it because I didn’t hear much about them from teachers and stuff like that but, in concept, I think it was a good idea,” said Daniel Yuan (‘21).

Other flaws included that Wellness Week was not as exciting as students hoped. This was attributed to the idea that Wellness Week was not as well promoted as students wanted.

“I think that Wellness Week was not exactly hyped up and I feel like I just didn’t even know it was happening,” said Amy Zeng (‘22).

Not only did Amador students label the Wellness week as a nice addition to the school environment, but Amador’s administration found it a huge success. 

All in all, the Wellness Week that took place from Tuesday, February 18th to Friday, February 21st, was an event that many students will want again as it allows them to enjoy at least part of their day.