Amador’s Common Sense club leads a self defense class

Sonali Carumbaya, Page Editor

On Friday, February 7, Amador Valley’s juniors, Serena Lim and Nadia Rehman are hosting a self-defense class in the wrestling room at lunch. 

This effort is part of their club called Common Sense. Students who are in this club are taught basic skills they can use beyond high school. They plan to feature lessons on applying for loans, paying taxes, and even cooking affordable meals.

“I was actually writing an essay when I was applying for something and one of the questions asked, ‘ if you were to create a class in high school, what kind of class would you create?’ I realized that I actually don’t know anything that I really need to know for when I’m an adult. And [the more] I thought about it, I was like this would really make a great class or a club,” said Serena Lim (‘21)

Their first project is a lesson on staying safe; they’ll share tips on how to avoid danger and be aware of surrounding environments. Ms. Silva, who teaches lifetime fitness class, will even stop by to teach some self-defense skills.

“I hope that people will learn something– self-defense isn’t something most people learn in school and that skill can be really important [if someone finds themselves in a scary situation],” said Rehman (‘21).

The Common Sense officers have also mentioned that they have more events in the making, and they will likely occur once or twice a month. 

So, next time you hear about an event or see one of their flyers around campus, be sure to attend. You may learn something really useful!