Kobe Bryant and his legacy is being honored


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Zachary Nicholas, Staff Writer

People Across the World Honor Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and others who lost their lives in the tragic accident. 

On January 26, 2020, the world mourned as Kobe Bryant and his daughter was lost in a helicopter accident. Bryant was one of the greatest athletes to play his sport and he will be missed. His death has inspired athletes and celebrities alike to honor him and his legacy. 

Athletes everywhere have honored Kobe in some way or another. In the Pro Bowl for the NFL, every touchdown or sack celebration would include something to honor the basketball legend. Packer’s Wide Receiver Davante Adams held up the number 24 to represent Bryant’s jersey after he scored a touchdown in the game. In the Super Bowl, both teams lined up at the 24 yard line during the national anthem.

In the NBA, players across the league were heartbroken at the devastating news. In response to this tragedy, every team has begun the game with a moment of silence, and each team has taken a 24 second violation or an 8 second violation in honor of Bryant. 

In Los Angeles, the Lakers played their first game since Kobe’s passing. Staples Center is where Bryant spent his 20 year career and this was the ideal place for this celebration of his life and legacy. Usher performed the national anthem, and a memorial video was played in accompaniment with a cello player. Lebron James gave an amazing and heartfelt speech for his friend. 

“I want to continue along with my teammates. To continue his legacy not only for this year, but as long as we can play the game of basketball that we love because that is what Kobe Bryant would want,” said Lebron James,“In the words of Kobe Bryant; Mamba out. But in the words of us; not forgotten. Live on brother.”

It is clear that Kobe has left an unforgettable impact and legacy on not only the game of basketball, but the world. He was an amazing athlete, and an even better human being. His presence on and off the court will be missed, and he will never be forgotten.