Tips for students who are looking into getting their driver’s license

Chehel Lakhwara, Staff Writer

This is the time where most sophomores get geared up for applying to drive schools and start the process of getting their driver’s license. The process leading from going to the local DMV to the actual tests can get quite tedious, so it’s important to have a step by step idea of what to do.

Some of our seniors who have their licenses give advice to those who are trying to obtain one.

“If you are doing the class in person take it easy and do it day by day, don’t stress about getting all the work done, but if you are doing an online class try to get it done as fast as possible because if you are doing it online than it would be done quicker than if you are doing it in person. It says to do the 30 hours and once you do that you are in,” said Andrew Homes (‘20).

A lot of the juniors and seniors say to get the process done as fast as possible and not stall with the process.

“Honestly don’t wait and do it as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the less freedom you will get. Because at this time you can drive a lot on your own. But if you don’t get it then you’ll have to rely on other people to give you rides and worry about matching their schedule with yours,” said Brandon Jarrett (‘21).

Seniors and Juniors share their own experiences while studying for their driving tests.

“My experience was pretty good, I did it online so it went really quick. My written test went fine and the actual behind the wheels training went really well too. It’s easier than it’s actually portrayed,” said Tahira Zafar (‘20).

For those who are looking for driving schools, the Amador Driving school seems like the most popular choice. Other choices are the Tri-Valley Safety driving school and the All Seasons driving school. There are also a lot of different kinds of schools that are out there. They include actual in-person schools and online schools which seem more popular.

Along with opportunities comes great responsibility so it’s really important to be careful while on the road. 

“You should pay attention and always be mindful and don’t get overconfident in yourself all of a sudden. Especially when you are on your phone. Like when you text and drive you are more likely to swerve on the road. So just be mindful that other people’s lives are stake as well as your own when you drive,” said Anna Torres Gil (20).

Good luck to those who will be applying for driver’s ed soon! Take advantage of the fruits it has to offer. Have fun and stay safe.