Thanksgivukkah: special night of mashed potatoes and potato pancakes

Anna Orozco, Staff Writer

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We all know of Hanukkah as well as Thanksgiving. But this holiday season, the eight-day-long Jewish celebration and Turkey Day collide, making for a creative cultural combination of the two.

The mash-up has been dubbed “Hannu-giving” or “Thanksgivukkah.”

Freshman Shayne Estill celebrates both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving with her family. Following tradition, Estill and her family like to eat dinner as a family and pray, like any normal Thanksgiving. And like any normal Hanukkah, they celebrate with dreidels and a menorah.

“It will be weird to celebrate Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on the exact same day,” Estill said.

Freshman Sammy Sadler is also celebrating Thanksgivukkah this year. Sadler and her family typically visit extended family for Thanksgiving dinner and have a feast.

“Usually, for Hanukkah my family and I sit around our dinner table and eat food and have prayer, which is in Hebrew. This will be weird now that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are on the same day!” said Sadler.


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