Birds verses Dons: the battle town

The records against Foothill for the past few years on Varsity teams

Erica Goldhawk, Editor in Chief

Foothill verses Amador: the rivalry that never ends. From band competitions and academics, the rivalry between the two schools has been a continuous competition but especially in sports. With over 80 wins against Foothill in the past decade, Amador Valley sports has competed well with the school across town.

The Amador Football team ended a 7-game losing streak in 2012 against Foothill with a win by four points. But this year, senior Jordan Mast said that the team could play better in the future.

“I think that they need to stick to what they’ve been coached,” Mast said. “Coach Sira has put together a playbook that I believe [we] can be very successful if everyone on the team does their job and plays as a brotherhood.”

The football team is 2-8 since 2004.

The baseball team’s record against Foothill since 2005 is 15-7, one of the best sports records against Foothill. Senior Keegan Sheehan explained that the secret to the baseball program’s success over the past years against Foothill was “coming together as a team and believing [they] can take the city championship.”

The softball team held an 11-game losing streak against Foothill until 2010. Now, the girls are on a victorious streak against Foothill, winning their last six games.

“Every game is important, but with the foothill game, it’s about city pride,” said senior Victoria Molina.

“Against Foothill, winning is more than just a W in the scorebook. I think what really changed in the past couple years was the mindset of our players and the amount of spirit and pride we have for the school. We just need to have the confidence to know that we can get the win.”

The girls’ lacrosse team has a record of 9-3 against FHS for the past five years. It had a 6-game winning streak from 2008 to 2010.

“I definitely think that having a good track record against Foothill has given our team a sense of confidence,” said senior Molly Grozier. “But when we step on to the field, we try to just play in the moment and forget about the past.”

Although the girls have been excelling for the past few years, the boys’ lacrosse team has been struggling against Foothill as it has lost its last six games. Since 2008, the boys have had a 3-8 record against Foothill.

“We have some talented younger players who will have a big impact this year as well as a great group of returning starters,” said senior Connor Veit. “We’ve had a major change in the coaching staff so were only focused on what this core group of guys can do, we aren’t dwelling on the past. This year we’ve really stepped in up in the off season and are trying to change the culture within the team itself.”

For soccer, winning is not the only part of the team’s game, but actually it is the only team at Amador to tie Foothill. The boys are 10-1-3 against Foothill since 2007. With a winning record, Amador’s only lost against Foothill was in a tight 2-1 game in 2011.

As for the girls, they have gone 4-8-2 since 2007.

In the past eight games, the girls Volleyball team has switched off with Foothill winning every other one. The girls have been 11-10 since 2004 against Foothill. As for the boys, they have a 7-6 record against Foothill since 2009.

Lastly, the girls’ basketball team has gone 10-9 since 2005. They ended a 5-game losing streak last February. Since 2005, the boys have gone 7-11.