Back parking lot issues raise questions


Angelica Clark

Parents waiting to pick up their students in the front causing a traffic jam.

Jamie Altman, Editor in Chief

In the back parking lot, students are only allowed to park on top of the parking structure and along the back fence by Del Valle, according the Vice Principal Sebastian Bull. If students park in teacher-designated areas, there will be consequences.

“It starts with a warning and then gets progressively higher,” Bull said.

If students are caught parking in an undesignated spot, they will get detention, then Saturday school, in-house suspension, and if it continues, the school will seek out police citations and then tow cars at the owner’s expense.

“We don’t want to go that far because towing gets pretty expensive,” Bull said. “But if you’re blocking traffic or in an unsafe parking spot, you could be towed.”

If students are late, many deal with the issue of not being able to find a parking spot, especially in the back lot, so they park in teacher-designated parking spaces. Bull said that there isn’t any way around it, besides leaving a few minutes earlier.

“You’ll just have to be late,” he said. “I recommend getting there 15 minutes earlier, but the front lot has tons of spots.”

Bull emphasized the importance of hanging parking passes on the car’s rear view mirror. “It’s the first thing we look for,” Bull said. “It’s a safety reason.”