Secrets to NCS

Angelica Clark, Staff Writer

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Amador was lucky enough to qualify for the NCS playoffs in three different sports, Football, Girls Volleyball, and Boys Water Polo. Although the Football team lost to Granada in a close game during the first round, both Girls Volleyball and Boys Water Polo made it through to the second round of their playoff brackets.

Senior varsity football player, Ant Irizarry believes that leadership, team chemistry, as well as the team’s hard work and dedication helped the team qualify to play in NCS. “We started the day after [last] year ended and it paid off… Making playoffs is an amazing accomplishment”.

When asked what helped his team succeed in the first round of NCS, girls volleyball coach, Brian Aguirre, said that keeping his girls focused on the goal and fine tuning their skills is an important step in preparing for an NCS game.

However, Aguirre tries to motivate his players, not make them nervous. “Even though it is a NCS match, I want the girls to maintain their mindset. I’ve seen in some teams where girls know it’s a big match and it either goes two ways, they play way better or way worse. I like consistency.”

Consistency is also an important component to success. Aguirre believes, “teams who are playing not just well, but consistently well, usually move on pretty far in the postseason.”

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