Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake hits the East Bay last night


Bernard Abousleiman and Yuvan Sathan, Staff Writers

On October 15th a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit just north of Walnut Creek. It only lasted for a couple of seconds at 10:33 pm. Many Pleasanton residents felt the earthquake, including many of the students at Amador.

“I felt the earthquake last night and I jumped out of bed and just went to check on my family to make sure everything was okay,” said Aryaman Arora (‘21).

Although there were no major damages as a result of the magnitude 4.5 earthquake, many students witnessed items falling off of shelves, windows shuttering, and other minor effects. 

“So I was doing my homework and I felt the house shake and I just got out of my desk and went downstairs and saw our pool sloshing with all the water,” said Arush Agaranpur (‘21).

The earthquake caused some controversy in the Bay Area over whether this foreshadows a larger earthquake to hit in the near future. As a precaution, Bart trains were stopped for an inspection of the rails but were quickly allowed to function again. There were a few aftershocks after the initial 4.5 magnitude shock, but they were very weak.