Spiderman is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Zachary Nicholas, Staff Writer

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On Friday, September 27th, it was announced that Sony and Marvel have finally reached an agreement. 

Last month, while discussing Spider Man’s future, Sony and Marvel were unable to come to terms with regard to the rights of the character. As a result of this disagreement, the wallcrawler was pulled out of the MCU, which greatly disappointed fans. 

“I was actually really sad about it(the news). Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero and I also really like Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man,” said Makena Allen (‘21).

It is no surprise that last month’s announcement was met with backlash, as Spider Man’s presence in the MCU has been nothing short of extraordinary. Both of his films, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home were successful with fans and critics alike. 

In addition to widespread praise, the films performed well at the box office. Together, the movies earned roughly 2 billion dollars worldwide. This commercial success was great for Sony, who owns most of the rights to the character, and therefore receives most of the profits. The character’s profits were a significant discussion point between Sony and Marvel, as Marvel wanted a larger share of the rights in order to make more money. 

Even though the two companies could not see eye to eye, discussions continued to take place, and the new deal looks promising. The new deal between Sony and Marvel sees Marvel taking approximately 25% of the box office earnings. 

A third Spider Man movie, produced by Marvel Studios, will be released on July 16, 2021, and will be incorporated into Phase Four of the MCU. In addition to this new film, Spider-Man will be able to appear in other Marvel films as well.

In his last film outing, Spider-Man faced off against the sinister Mysterio, a master of illusions and tricks. The film ended with a cliffhanger that left audiences on edge. When news broke out that Spider-Man would not be returning, fans were greatly disappointed that they would not be able to see a conclusion to this story. 

It looks as if this third Spidey film will offer a fitting ending to the character inside the MCU, which is very exciting for fans of the character. Amador students are part of anticipation, with many joining in on the excitement surrounding the upcoming film. 

“I am very excited. I feel like Mysterio has more to offer to the MCU. I also hope we get to see the Sinister Six and possibly Venom,” said John Serrano (‘21).

No one knows what this new film will bring, but there is one thing that is for sure. Spider-Man is back for one last ride, and it looks to be epic.