Dr. Kristie Manning talks to Amador freshman about prescription drugs abuse


Bernard Abousleiman and Yuvan Sathan, Staff Writers

On October 7th, Dr. Manning came to the Amador Valley High School library to talk about using prescription drugs illegally. She presented the consequences of abusing prescription drugs to Health 9 students at Amador. 

“I’m going to walk away from what I learned today and keep in mind that they can kill you fast,” Reed Shaw (23’).

 Dr. Manning empowered to spread awareness after she lost her own brother to an overdose of prescription drugs back in 2010. Dr. Manning not only talks about how dangerous they could be but also urges students not to take the pills unless prescribed as she works at Kaiser.

“I don’t think a lot of kids know at the beginning(about abusing prescription drugs) they maybe know a little bit but they don’t seem to know when I ask questions about it they’ve not heard about it, but through their high school years they start learning about it,” said Kristie Manning.

Dr. Manning is trying to change the world for the better by teaching kids at a young age of the potential dangers. She knows what happened to her brother can’t be undone but she wants to prevent prescription drug abuse so that nobody has to go through what she once had to. She’s truly changing the world for the better.

“I’m trying to make sure that fewer people even start trying it and understand the potential dangers and the different doses, how some are stronger than others, there are different ways that people are using the drugs and it can be very dangerous,” Kristie Manning.

Dr. Manning’s presentation opened the eyes of many freshmen and was a great way to take a break from their regular class assignments.