Fans shocked after Spider-Man leaves MCU

  In late August, news came out that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be leaving the MCU. This comes weeks after Far From home hit theaters. Leaving many fans confused and angry, the problem arises from Sony and Disney not agreeing on a new contract for the movie Franchise.

    “I’m a huge Marvel fan. Spider-Man coming into the MCU and having connections with the Avengers was incredible. After seeing Far From Home and the aftermath of after Endgame, I was really excited to see where the third movie would go. But now, it’s like will it even be connected anymore to the previous 22 MCU movies?,” said Bala Ravikumar (‘20). 

    Tom Holland did break his silence at the D23 Expo by telling fans that the past week for him was difficult. Recently, Holland comes out saying that the future of Spider-Man rests in the hands of Sony. 

    “I would be really sad to see Tom Holland not continue to be Spider-Man. To me, I liked him better than Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield. I think he will stay, but if the issue between Sony and Disney is not resolved, than it’s questionable,” said Sruthi Sonekar (‘21).

    This issue raises questions about Disney. Is Disney considered a monopoly? With Disney buying Marvel, owning ABC, and big companies like GoPro, is it time that they buy over Sony?

As of now, Sony has all film rights over Spider-Man. However, because Disney owns Marvel, Sony and Disney have a revenue sharing deal with the franchise. 

    “I didn’t really know what the deal issue was. I don’t know if it’s a matter of Disney wanting more revenue or not, but I hope they can come to terms,” said Ryan Liou (‘20). 

    The most recent news on the deal was that Tom Holland claims that the movie franchise is in good hands with Sony and that the MCU split is really “not that big of a deal.”

    After Far From Home and the shocking end credit scene, it will be interesting to see where Spidey goes now that the favored superhero is no longer part of the MCU.