To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel

To All the Boys I've Loved Before Sequel

Nidhi Patel, Staff Writer

It has been about eight months since the initial release of the Netflix Original movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, which is based on the book by Jenny Han with the same title.

The movie follows 16-year old, Lara Jean, and her complicated love life after her love letters mysteriously get sent out. The movie garnered a lot of positive attention, enough for Netflix to decide to make a sequel.

Only four months later, in December 2018, Netflix announced the development of the sequel which will be titled “P.S. I Still Love You”.

So far there is no expected release date; however, the release should be sometime later this year or early 2020.

Many people from the original cast plan to return for the sequel.

Most of the cast members from the original movie, like Lana Candor, Noah Centenio, and Janel Parrish have confirmed to return to be in the sequel. Stars like Jordan Fisher and Ross Butler are also expected to join the cast.

Students at Amador have a variety of opinions on the expected sequel. Many are excited for the new movie and cannot wait until it gets released.

“I’m so excited for the new sequel! I’m excited to see what happens to Lara Jean and Peter now that they’re official. Also, the movie ended with John Ambrose showing up at Lara Jean’s house, so I’m excited to see what the directors do with that,” said Esha Chawla (‘19).

“Yes! I am so excited for the sequel! Mostly because this is one of the great modern Asian-American romcom movies that I’ve seen in awhile. I want to see what new characters are added to the movie. I really hope it tops the first movie!” explained Jessica Cuntapay (‘19).

Other students at Amador are not that excited for the sequel.

“No, I’m not all that excited about them taking the storyline further because the place where the last movie ended seemed like a good spot to end the story. It was a sweet ending and it had a healthy balance of cliche and originality,” said Saheli Thakkar (‘21).

Overall, fans can’t wait to see what it has in store for the new sequel.