Thanksgiving Break Recap


Lilou Sicard-Noel, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebration days. It’s a great time to see the family, to eat turkey and it also the time that we realized that Christmas is coming up.

Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival, and has been celebrated nationally on and off since 1789.

Some people don’t believe in celebrating Thanksgiving. Usually, they have a very good reason to not celebrate that day.

“My family doesn’t really believe in celebrating Christopher Columbus because they think that it’s stupid. Literally, a genocide happen. But we still eat turkey because it’s an excuse to buy one,” said Hailyn Park (‘19).

However, whether one celebrates or not, Thanksgiving means that students will get nine days of well-deserved break. For many, Thanksgiving is an excuse to sleep and eat.

“During Thanksgiving, I’m probably going to be doing a lot of sleeping and eating all the Thanksgiving leftovers,” said Amelia Flores (‘22).

Though many travel with family, some would rather enjoy their break at home.

“For Thanksgiving break, I’ll be watching movies and staying at home,” said Ronit Krovidi (‘20).

Unfortunately, break doesn’t always mean sleeping and playing video games. For many, Thanksgiving break means that finals are close, or, if they’re a senior, college applications are due.

“What I plan to do in Thanksgiving break? Not much, stay at home and finish any remaining college application that I have due at the end of this month,” said Vibha Shastry (‘19).

Thanksgiving is also a chance to spend more time with loved ones.

“(For Thanksgiving) we are going to southern Utah to see my grandparents and some family,” said Julia Black (‘22).

Hopefully, no matter whatthey did over break, Dons will be refreshed to start school again on November 26th.