Middle Schoolers at Football Games

Sara Sanguinetti, Staff Writer

A home football game is not the same without the usual highlights: excited cheering, purple and gold spirit wear, and crowds of middle schoolers hanging out by the snack bar.

Recent concerns, such as running, fighting, and overall disruption of school events, have raised questions about proper supervision of these students at Amador.

A letter sent out by San Ramon Valley High School to middle school parents details new restrictions placed on middle schoolers, following incidents occurring at their home football games.

According to the letter, middle schoolers “may not attend a home SRVHS football game without a parent/guardian present for supervision” and must be under “proper supervision by the parent/guardian at all times”. Furthermore, middle school students are not allowed into SRVHS events without their parent, and if they are found without supervision, “they will be asked to leave [and will] not be allowed to attend future SRVHS events”.

Middle school students at Amador Valley home football games also raise concerns to their safety as their behavior is often unsupervised. In past years, incidents have occurred with the younger students, one including a student breaking their arm.

Some Amador students also admit that the presence of the middle school students affects their experience at football games.

“They’re disruptive. They just scream and throw a bunch of stuff everywhere,” said Wesley Shamblen (‘19).

Amador Valley administration has taken action in reducing the amount of potential incidents. This past year, the dark and gravelly area where middle schoolers commonly hung out before was roped off to ensure that they can be visibly supervised. Administration has also advised that parents closely supervise their children at all times.

“Students shouldn’t be dropped off unsupervised. It’s a really risky situation. We also have visitors from the other side, and people that are attending games that we don’t know. So, for their own child’s safety, it’s recommended that they [parents] attend with their children,” said Amador vice principal, Nimarta Grewal.

With these guidelines in place, students and parents can enjoy the football games while staying safe.