Advice for AP Testing

Yuwei Dou, Photo Editor

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AP testing season is coming up. According to the schedule published by College Board, the first test is AP Chemistry on May 7th at 8:00 am.

To help you get well prepared for your AP test, here are 5 things you should know:

1. Read the course description provided by College Board. AP tests cover a lot of information, so it’s really important for students to read the course description carefully to find out the important things that will be on the actual test. Use your course description to find out the information you want to especially review.
The course description for every subject can be find on this site:

2. Get your prep book and practice. Practicing the information you learned is really important for AP testing because it covers the information that are provided in college for one year. Read the prep book carefully, and finish the chapter practice after that, check the points of information that you get wrong, which will help you get well prepared for AP test.

3. Do the past AP test questions and the Official practice provided by College Board. Finding the types of questions that will be on the AP test can be really helpful. Find older released AP test questions online and do the official practice questions. You can also use Khan Academy to help you as it is the official practice website signed by College Board.
You can find the official practice here:

4. Review your notes from class. AP teachers always know what important things you need to know to deal with the test. So remember to review your notes from class because they may cover the important things that will be on the actual AP test.

5. Last but not least, take mock tests at home. As we all know, AP testing always takes almost 3 hours, which is a pretty long time. Try to do a mock test at home, so that you can get familiar with this type of test, and get a time organization plan in your mind. Remember to follow the instructions provided by College Board, and consider the total time given.

Have your own plan for your upcoming AP test and remember to always try your best. Don’t forget to ask your teachers questions if you have any questions beforehand!

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