The 2020 XFL Reunion


Zachary Kolia, Sports Editor

    On January 25th, former pro wrestler Vince McMahon announced that the Professional Football League, the XFL, is returning in 2020.  The league is planned to consist of eight teams centrally owned and operated by the league, competing in a ten-game season and a two-week postseason in the winter and spring months.

Vince McMahon promoting the XFL in 2001.

   The XFL was first aired in 2001, where the rules were similar to the ones that will be in play in 2020. McMahon is looking to have fans “reimagine” football and speed it up. Nobody is sure who will be playing in this league, but there has been some obvious hype around a few former players like Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow.

  Manziel has showed immediate interest in playing in the XFL. After failing to succeed in the NFL, Manziel is looking to reboot his career and the XFL could be his opportunity. After hearing the announcement of the league, he immediately went to twitter where he tweeted “#XFL2020 @VinceMcMahon”.

“I want to see money manziel back on the field ASAP. I think he deserves a second chance to throw that rock” said Trevor Bergmann (‘18).

   Tebow has hesitated to show his interest, but hasn’t ruled the idea out yet. He has stated that he’s focusing on spring training and will see where he is at in 2020.

 “Although Tim Tebow is playing baseball now, I believe he is a far better football player and should definitely join the XFL” said Jacob Lovell (‘20).

   McMahon has made it clear that Tebow can play in the XFL, but has been hesitant with the idea of Manziel participating. No players in the league are allowed to have any criminal record, and Manziel has struggled to stay out of trouble in his past.

    The XFL failed to continue in the past because NBC pulled out of their partnership and the league was forced to shut down. McMahon said he is focused on partnering with Facebook and Twitter, both of which have already broadcasted for the NFL and MLB.

   “The media landscape has changed. Facebook, Amazon — they’re all really getting into [live sports], but it’s only the beginning,” said McMahon.

   It is going to take a lot for Vince McMahon to get the XFL back on its feet and for it to compete with the NFL for ratings. McMahon has said he’s putting $100 million into the league to get it started.

   “It’s cool how committed McMahon is to this idea and I hope he will succeed. 100 million dollars is a lot of money so it’d be sad to see it go to waste” said Max Heverly (‘18).

   The XFL will continue to send out announcements about the league as the year goes on. If you want to sign up for their newsletter or explore their website click the link below.