Face-Off: Boycotting Movies

Two Hollywood giants fell to revelations about their sexual abuses of their coworkers.

Two Hollywood giants fell to revelations about their sexual abuses of their coworkers.

Rishabh Das & Sarah Baxter, Staff Writers

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Should we boycott movies if sexual predators star or produce them?


Recently, many allegations against profound movie directors, producers, actors and alike have come to light, leaving people to question if they will continue to watch these films and shows with these sexual predators.

Bigger cases like Harvey Weinstein’s have tens on tens of young women in the industry coming forward, accusing him of rape, sexual assault, and threatening to ruin their career if they didn’t go through with his requests.

Many of these men in Hollywood have made movies for years, creating the biggest box-office hits without the knowledge that behind closed doors, they have been assaulted different women that have either played a role in those movies or auditioned.

“I would for sure boycott,” Zane Kolia (‘20) said, “why would I support someone who would do something that horrible and basically pay him to continue doing what he does?”

According to CNN, the list of allegations stretching much larger and grows by the day. Men on this list include Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Ben Affleck, Chris Savino, Roy Price, and more, not to mention those affiliated with Politics, Dining, etc.

The question at hand is will people continue to support these alleged sex predators by watching their content, whether it’s a movie or any type of production in Hollywood?

Sierra Picone (‘18) stated “I would boycott because it is not okay for these men to be able to sexual harrass women and put them in situations that are uncomfortable, then walk free like it was nothing.”

While many people don’t realize that these men are making their favorite TV shows or movies, some do acknowledge they are- and do not care enough about the issue to stop.

When asked if Connor Copenhagen (‘20) would boycott these certain films, he responded “Yes, because I don’t support that kind of behavior and I think that it’s very wrong.”

The fact of the matter is that by continuing to watch these films or shows, it is an act of brushing off these allegations very lightly, when in reality, these men are dangerous to the industry and should be supported. Period.


The issue at hand is essentially the making of a distinction between art and the artist. Many of our greatest artists have been somewhat unstable. Vincent Van Gogh cut his own ear off, Michael Jackson was faced with child molestation charges, and Stanley Kubrick made an actress repeat a scene 127 times to the point where she was in tears for the sake of his artistic vision.

I believe that our dislike of an artist as a person should not affect our appreciation for their work. I do not in any way condone the actions of sexual predators, but I believe that the distinction must be understood..

A film is a product put out by hundreds of people and is the culmination of all of their artistic visions. Having one bad apple in the bunch should not detract from the visions of everyone working on the film. By boycotting films that have sexual predators as part of their cast or crew, we are punishing hundreds of other people who did nothing wrong. Why make the innocents suffer for one person’s wrongdoings?

Many of the greatest filmmakers and actors of all time have also faced similar situations. Sir Alfred Hitchcock was known for his tendencies to follow his actresses around, but he was better known for his ability to create suspense and for his resourcefulness when limited by his budget and the technology of his time. Michael Jackson faced child molestation charges, but he is remembered for his ability to innovate in the worlds of both singing and dance. What these people did as people was wrong, but at the same time, what they did as artists was revolutionary.

In conclusion, in order to truly enjoy art we have to take an objective look at it rather than judge it based on how we feel about the artist. This allows us to show our respect for the hundreds of innocent people that should not be punished for the wrongdoing of one person. For that reason, it is important to be able to separate one’s ability from their personality

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Face-Off: Boycotting Movies