Welcome Home Steve Piscotty

Jared Caldwell, Staff Writer

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    Monday December 11th marked the start of the 2017 MLB Winter Meetings. The Oakland A’s went into the meeting with a right-handed outfielder on the top of their wish list.

    The following Wednesday night, the Oakland Athletics traded 2 minor league prospects for 26-year-old outfielder Stephen Piscotty of the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Stephen Piscotty, born January 14 1991, graduated from Amador Valley High School in 2009. He was starting varsity all four years at Amador. His senior year he was named Most Valuable Player of the East Bay Athletic League.

    “He was really special. He’s big, he was super smart, his senior year he was the best player in the Bay Area,” says Amador Athletic Director Lou Cesario, “He’s coming home, there’s a lot of Bay Area fans, and a lot people here who are really excited. Teachers here are excited because they all know him from when he was a student here.”

    Following his senior year, the Los Angeles Dodgers selected Piscotty in the 45th round of the MLB Draft. He opted not to sign and was then enrolled at Stanford University where he played baseball as a third baseman, outfielder, and pitcher.

    During his Stanford career, he batted .340 with 124 runs, 132 RBIs, 43 doubles, and 12 home runs in 172 games.

    In the 2012 MLB Draft, the St. Louis Cardinals drafted Piscotty in the first round with the 36th overall draft pick. They signed him on June 16th with a 1.6 million dollar signing bonus.

    “He was very humble, never cocky or arrogant always worked hard, he would hit at lunch by himself in the cages, always focused on what he wanted to do,” said Cesario.

    Piscotty has a career .268 batting average and 38 home runs. Last April he signed a 6-year extension with the Cardinals, after the trade the Oakland A’s have him under team control until 2022. His contract guarantees him with 33.75 million dollars.

    “It’s one of the better places for him to be traded to. His parents still live in Pleasanton and it’s great for him to be coming home,” said Cesario.

    Unfortunately, at the end of May, Gretchen Piscotty, Stephen’s mom, was diagnosed with ALS. Now that Stephen has been traded to Oakland, he can spend much more time with his family compared to when he was playing for St. Louis.

“Bittersweet sums up my reaction and emotions to the trade. The thought of playing at home is a dream and to be close to my mom and family is priceless,” said Piscotty (‘09).

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