STEM education through Treksploration

Vi Nguyen, AVTV Co-Editor in Chief

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    A simple access activity has transformed into an interactive opportunity for students to explore their creative passions. Statistics and Precalculus teacher, Mrs. Reinke, utilized her passion for Star Trek to expand her hobby and aid students on campus. When Mr. Williams jokingly proposed the idea of a Trek class as an example for an access activity during a staff meeting, Mrs. Reinke had a revelation.

    “I could see the benefits of exploring humanitarianism and STEM education through the lens of Star Trek,” said Mrs. Reinke.

   Thus began Treksploration, an ACCESS activity led by Mrs. Reinke to share the morals within Star Trek.

    “We have Mrs. Reinke for Statistics, and when she talked about Treksploration, we were motivated to join to see what Star Trek was about. I was already a fan of Star Wars, and wanted to see whether Star Trek was also a good sci-fi series to watch.

    Many people had reservations about Treksploration at first, but we’ve actually learned a lot about the world around us. Each episode has a moral lesson, and each of these lessons have definitely affected me as I go through my daily life,” said Jennifer Zhu (18’).

    More than just a sci-fi series, Mrs. Reinke shares her philosophy of IDIC and benefits from sharing her ideas.

    “I benefit from the joy of sharing my philosophy of IDIC with others in hopes of making the world a better place one person at a time. IDIC stands for infinite diversity in infinite combinations. It means that our differences make us better together,” said Mrs. Reinke.

    The reach of Star Trek has been beneficial for society as a whole. Several inventors credit their love of Star Trek in inspiring them to create things that we all take for granted now, even the inventor of cell phones.

    “There are many others and if you want to learn more about the benefits of Trek, there is a movie about it called Trek Nation,” said Mrs. Reinke.

    Recently, the Treksploration crew even attended a convention in San Francisco called The Continuing Voyage Star Trek Convention. As a competitive cosplayer, Mrs. Reinke was familiar with the local and international convention schedules and had been to the convention last year. She decided to invite her students this time.

    Mrs. Reinke and her students met up at the convention and the students were even able to meet Jonathan Frakes,  Commander William T. Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    “We weren’t there for long, but we saw the celebrity that played Captain Riker in Next Gen. We actually got to stand on stage and answer questions about our Treksploration experience! It was really fun and so cool to talk to people with different perspectives on the moral lessons of each episode,” said Bryan Luo (19’).

    Since the 1980’s San Francisco was a Trek gathering place. Fans from the Bay area gather in enthusiastic crowds waiting for the wonderful guest line-ups.

    Overall, Treksploration and field trips like the Continuing Voyage convention are very valuable experiences for students especially for Mrs.Reinke’s statistics and precalculus classes due to the STEM advantages and their education of humanitarianism.

    “I think it’s made me a better person overall,” said Jennifer Zhu (18’).

Due to the success of this trip and ACCESS activity, we hope to see this trip and more opportunities like these next year, if ACCESS is still around.


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  1. Florence on April 6th, 2018 11:37 am

    Star Trek and math … unbelievably amazing … Great write Vi!!

    I have other news I’d like to share, however, not able to find any contact for the staff writers. Would you be able to get back to me?

    thank you Vi

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STEM education through Treksploration