The increase of school shootings– do AV students feel safe?

Katalina Garber, Staff Writer

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    Schools are one of the safest places children can be, but over the past few years this safety has been compromised with the large increase in the number of school shootings across the United States. From 2013 to 2015 there were 160 school shootings in 38 states. 53% were at K-12 schools and 47% were on college or university campuses (Everytown for Gun Safety).

    The most recent incident was at Rancho Tehama Elementary School in Corning, CA, which is not too far from Pleasanton. As the number of shootings at schools continues to increase, the security and safety that students feel on campus comes into question.

    “I do feel safe at school because Pleasanton is a pretty safe area, but if I were in another place like New York, I don’t think I would feel as safe,” said Vivian Gallego (‘19).

These tragedies have serious impacts, as an analysis of school shootings showed that those involving a homicide reduced student enrollment and decreased students’ standardized test scores by nearly five percent (Everytown). On average in 2015, there was 1 shooting per week on a school or college campus.

    “Not many school shootings have happened near here, so I feel reasonably comfortable [at school],” said Ryan Rajesh (‘20).

    According to Vox, there are more guns than people in the United States.This is reflected in the fact that since Columbine in 1999, there have been 270 shootings of any kind at a school. To compare, from 1966 to 2008, only 44 school shootings occurred. All of these incidents have led to legislative changes being made in a number of states and schools continuously practice intruder drills.

    “I feel pretty safe here at Amador, but after hearing this information I don’t feel as safe in society as a whole,” said Sagurika Ujjual (‘19).

    “I don’t want to say it’s not going to happen here, but what can we really do to prevent? It’s really hard. You can’t really do much and I can’t say we’re really well protected though we think that we are,” said Nick Massie (‘18). 

    With the number of school shootings increasing, it is important for schools to make sure that students feel safe in the educational environment and to prepare students in case an incident happens.


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The increase of school shootings– do AV students feel safe?