Winter Sports Preview

Soumya Sahay, Staf Writer

School can take its load on people, but some people bear through it for one thing: sports. On November 6th, the winter sports season began, and basketball, soccer, and wrestling made their way into our school.

   “I’m excited to start, because though sports are a large time commitment, I always look forward to playing basketball. It’s really fun,” said Do John Lynn (’20).

   Sports can definitely dominate student’s schedules, and can sometimes prevent them from doing other things. Students have agreed that though their after school physical education is time consuming, it’s worth it.

  “So, I’ve been playing my sport for around four years now, and I would say that it’s extremely time draining. It’s about twelve hours a week of practice, not including show days. So, it’s…it’s a lot,” said Meghan Shirline (‘21).

    “Basketball is everyday after school, and it’s just going to get more time-consuming for season, but I’m still really excited. I definitely enjoy playing my sport, and I am ready to make our stats even better,” said Kelsey Guidice (‘19).

   Being held in the coldest season of the year, the sports teams  must be prepared for some weather catastrophes. Unlike other seasons of sports, coaches have to plan for something to go wrong weather-wise, or their game plans could be ruined.

   “I like that it’s in the winter because it’s inside, so if it rains, the game doesn’t get cancelled like some other sports sadly have happen,” said Kristina Allard (‘20).

All past winter sports players are planning to make their teams by increasing their team statistics from previous years, and new, incoming students will work to do their best.

   Clearly, students are excited, but also a little nervous for the upcoming season, which is to be expected. Hopefully, this year will end strong with our winter season players.