Football Recap

Isabella Fragomeli, Staff Writer

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The Varsity football team finished with on overall record of 7-5 and 5-3 in the league.

Amador Football did great this season. Their finishing record was 7-5 and in league they were 5-3. What kept them winning and keeping a great record this year?

“During practice we all come together as a team, we work together well, we pay attention to what the coaches tell us, and on Friday nights we just go out there and play football,” Deje Wiltshire (‘21).

What makes a team great is defined by how much practice they put in.

“ Not giving up, we put our heart and soul in. We had a lot of opportunities to let the season slip away from us but we kept fighting through. When we played against King Academy we won 15-14 in the last 2 mins of the game because we kept playing and fighting,” Brett Severance (‘20).

Being a part of something bigger than yourself like the football team is a different experience for everyone.

“I like the atmosphere and you gain bonds with every person so even outside you still have that chemistry to hangout outside of football,” Jeremy Mast (‘18).

As for the team’s future, coming off of this year, next year looks great for the Dons.

“I think our team will do as well as we did this year and better just because this year was the first year back doing as well as we have done in previous years, but next year we’re going to know how our team works,” Severance (‘20).

“I think our team will go far, the league’s changing next year so it’s splitting up and I think that they can go all the way!” Jeremy Mast (‘18).

Amador is proud of the accomplishments the football team has made this year and can’t wait for next year’s football season!

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