Gigi Hadid is Glamour’s Woman of the Year

Soumya Sahay, Staff Writer

Ever since 2003, Glamour Magazine has sponsored the Woman Of The Year award, an award that is given to someone who has displayed extraordinary characteristics in entertainment, business, sports, music, science, medicine, education or politics.

   This year, on November 13th, Gigi Hadid accepted Glamour’s Woman Of the Year both gracefully and humbly, crediting her success to the people that supported her.

   “‘Thank you’s are really important to me because I’m so touched by everyone who make the days that add up to the life that I get to live,” said Gigi Hadid.

   The Woman Of The Year award is given to someone who exhibits strength and confidence, someone who acts as a positive role model for other female citizens, and someone who has made an impact on improving our society, and the world we live in.

   “I’ve known Gigi Hadid since she was a kid. She’s always been a woman with goals, and not only beautiful on the outside, but totally stunning, most importantly, on the inside,” said Serena Williams.

   The women who are chosen for this award are advertised as inspirational to all people, but specifically young, impressionable girls. However, some students are slightly skeptical about this year’s winner.

   “Umm…I’m sure Gigi Hadid must have some honorary qualities, but I don’t really know much about her. To win Woman of the Year, she must’ve influenced fashion in some way, encouraging people to accept their body types, etc,” said Shruthi Chandran (‘19).  

   It seems as though people are not upset about the fact that Gigi Hadid won Woman of the Year, but rather are uneducated and confused about what Gigi has done to deserve this award.

   “I guess…there must have been a reason she won, so…I guess she’s qualified?” said Lydia Labani (‘18).

   Hadid has definitely made her impact in the fashion industry by modeling on the front page of many popular magazines and by inspiring young models to continue following their dreams. However, many people aren’t aware of Hadid’s charitable works that she produces through her modeling status.

   Gigi partnered with another company to create and sell designer shoes, and all proceeds went to the creation of schools in Guatemala, Ghana, and Louse, all of which are now finished and running.

   “I feel like..the award doesn’t honor our women properly, because it kind of puts a standard up for other women to reach, and it creates a guideline to go towards. In reality, everyone should be their own best, and not pressured to be like someone else, “ said Alicia Gosal (‘20).

   Gigi Hadid is a successful model both on paper and in real life. The Woman of the Year award has been running for about 14 years now, and has worked to shed light on the many powerful, successful women in the world. To learn more about the award, visit