Electronic Arts Controversy

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Electronic Arts Controversy

Thomas Hsu, Staff Writer

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    Recently Electronic Arts, the company behind Star Wars Battlefront 2, has gotten a lot of backlash after players discovered that certain items in the game costed a ridiculous amount of playtime or in-app purchases to unlock advantages.

    “It will take 4,528 hours of gameplay (or $2100) to unlock all base-game content in Star Wars: Battlefront 2,” says a dedicated Star Wars fan.

    Many gamers or Star Wars fans were extremely offended by this decision by EA. After one player called out EA for their decision on Reddit, the publisher responded to his post and got the most dislikes in Reddit history with 678,000 negative votes, topping all other records on the forum site.

    The problem with these microtransactions is that players can throw their money at EA and receive in game items that will boost their abilities or make them superior to other players who cannot afford the extra items.

    A man named Sean, going by BiggSean66 on Twitter, claimed that he has received death threats for being a developer at EA. Even though the company has not confirmed his employment, it is still shocking that the public will send death threats because of a video game.

    “I already preordered battlefront, so I’m screwed. We already pay 60 bucks for the full game and they’re going to be charging us $80 or more just to have in-game characters” says Jaxen Gurley (‘19).

    Many gamers at Amador share the same mentality as Gurley, wishing they had not preordered the game or will boycott it if they have not purchased it already.

    “No I’m not going to buy the game because the DLC is overpriced and it is ripping off their customers who already paid $60 for the base game,” says Kuwar Nagpal (‘18).

    After the huge backlash by fans, EA decided to remove the entire microtransaction system from the game right before releasing it. They did not confirm that they will keep it out forever, but most fans anticipate that they will return it right as people buy the game.

    Star Wars fans and gamers alike despise this type of monetization, and even though EA will most likely put it back, this was a huge step for the video game community.

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