Black Friday 2017

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Black Friday 2017

Thomas Hsu, Staff Writer

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    Every year the holidays come around, and everyone is shopping for gifts. Stores take advantage of this by using Black Friday to slash their prices, enticing people to come shop for discounts. Students at Amador like to shop smarter during this weekend and save.

    “On Black Friday I’ll usually go to the mall and try to find the best deals, but I’ll do a lot of research online right before to make sure I’m saving a lot of money. This year I got the Tarte Maneater mascara for $10 and Aurora Glow Kit for $24 when it’s originally $40” said Sammi Buscheck (‘18).

    Some students like to avoid the trouble and hunt for deals during the other days like the days before Black Friday, the weekend after, and Cyber Monday.

    “I usually go during Thanksgiving or the week before for good deals. This year I got a new iPhone before Black Friday and I didn’t even have to wait in a long line” says Gabriela Smith (‘18).

    Others bravely work during the ordeal to make the extra overtime pay on top of their paychecks.

    “In the past Black Fridays, I’ve just treated it like a normal friday, seeing friends and catching up on hw, but last year and this year too I started working retail, I worked during it and tired myself out.” says Jordann Klein (‘18).

   While  some students enjoy pushing through throngs of people on the eve of Black Friday, others take advantage of Thanksgiving break in other ways.

    “I usually just stay home during Black Friday, but some years I go to Yosemite. This time I did both and just relaxed” says Jake Massie (‘18).

    Many students found great deals during this week, worked long hours, or relaxed during the break. Whatever the plan was, everyone had a path to get through Black Friday and hopefully they’re more prepared for next year.

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