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The planned Costco in Pleasanton gave rise to a lot of controversy.

The planned Costco in Pleasanton gave rise to a lot of controversy.

The planned Costco in Pleasanton gave rise to a lot of controversy.

New Costco in Pleasanton: Is it worth it?

November 15, 2017

The subject of Costco coming to Pleasanton had the whole town upside down after it’s proposal last year. 63% of the Pleasanton residents voted “no” on the anti-Costco Measure MM. Consequently, the city plans to start putting together the 50,000 square ft. building by the end of the year on Johnson Drive.


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The distance between Amador Valley High School and the Livermore Costco is about 7.7 miles. The new Costco will be quicker to get to as the distance between Amador Valley and the future Pleasanton Costco opening on Johnson Drive will be 3.7 miles.

“Having more resources close by will be a lot more beneficial for me and my family, who have to drive all the way to Livermore once every two weeks just to go shopping for our home,” says Aisha Choudary (‘20)

Many who oppose the new Costco are worried about the cost that comes with the new grocery store. However, taxes for Pleasanton residents will not change because of this new store.

Michael Austin from Pleasanton Weekly explained,“Taxes for Pleasanton residents will not change because Costco builds in Pleasanton. The sales tax revenue generated with a Costco build in Pleasanton will bring more services to Pleasanton residents, more amenities to Pleasanton residents.”

Although there are several other stores where they sell every-day supplies, Costco is a one-stop shop.

Caroline Murphy (‘20) said, “I would love to have a Costco close by because Safeway and Walmart are nearby, but Costco just goes the extra mile with their resources. I wouldn’t want to go all the way to Livermore, so I would just love it if it were closer”.

Several people are still worried about the traffic due to the new Costco. However, if the Costco were to open in Dublin, we would get the Dublin traffic. Thus, Pleasanton will become busier and more crowded either way.

When responding to all the worried residents, Michael Austin said,“If Costco goes south to Sunol to build, Pleasanton will still have the Sunol Costco store traffic. It is in Pleasanton’s best interests for Costco to be built in Pleasanton”.

The new Costco will definitely be more advantageous to the residents of our city. Because of its location, it is more convenient for Pleasanton citizens.

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    The roads around the potential costco ground, Johnson Drive, is stated to cost around 16.8 million dollars in road and traffic improvements according to Pleasanton’s financial director, Tina Olson. That is a major financial problem that Costco is causing in Pleasanton.

    The pleasanton Weekly also explained that The West Los Positas interchange to connect to I-680 is expected to cost around 29 million dollars.

    Andrew Brubeck (‘20) said “The cost of the infrastructure is far too much and the cost of West Los Positas interchange is really expensive.”

    A new Costco also poses a potential traffic problem in Pleasanton.

    Stuart Gruendl (CEO of BayRock Multifamily) said “Costco generates as much as any retailer in the entire United states. They are an auto-centric and parking focused commercial business. Thus, they create a huge burden on local streets and access points. Despite the site’s location next to a major interstate freeway, there is virtually only one way in and out of the location.”

    Although the roads need improvement, the traffic caused by the future Costco could make many people’s commutes harder, because of the large traffic problem that will be formed I-680 and especially with the location of Johnson Drive.

    Students at Amador will also be affected. When asked how the traffic will affect her everyday commute, Lily Manos(‘20) stated,“Well, considering I live farther away and there is a lot of traffic I will have to wake up earlier and since I have a lot of homework I will be sleep deprived.”

    The new Costco is causing many problems throughout Pleasanton and it hasn’t even begun building yet and there are major problems such as traffic issues and major financial problems.

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