Homecoming vs Rolling Loud

Sydney Soares, Staff Writer

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    Saturday, October 21st is an eventful day for many students here at Amador. Many students are conflicted, being that it is the day of Amador’s very own homecoming, and also the Rolling Loud music festival at Shoreline Festival Grounds in Mountain View, California.

    This specific concert is special because the Rolling Loud festival was originally only held in Miami, Florida, and has now expanded to the Bay Area, Southern California, the U.K., China, and Japan to a global series of hip-hop festivals. The lineup for the concert includes artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, and dozens of other popular performers.

    The dilemma some students have is choosing whether they want to go to homecoming or the Rolling Loud music festival. For some the choice was easy, but others had to put some thought into it before making their final decision.

    “I’ve been to quite a few homecomings, and I have never had that much fun at them. I love music festivals, so I think that it would be more worth my money to go to a music festival than homecoming. I think that I might miss going to homecoming, but since I have been to so many it’s okay,” said Nicole Witters (18’).

    Many upperclassmen had experienced Amador homecoming enough to the point where they felt like it would be more fun to do something different for a change. It seemed like many students who were attending the music festival weren’t too concerned about missing out.

    “I don’t think I will be missing out on anything at Amador’s homecoming. Besides, I think the music will be better at Rolling Loud,” said Sean Sexton (18’).

    Other students decided that homecoming would be a more fun and enjoyable option for them. Unlike the upperclassmen, the younger students haven’t experienced as many homecomings.

    “I am going to homecoming because I think that it is going to be fun. I wouldn’t want to miss hanging out with all of my friends. Homecoming is something that only happens once a year, and I could go to other concerts,” said Sophia Moore (20’).

    Whether students are going to the Rolling Loud music festival or homecoming, many are excited to take a break from school and have a good time with their friends.

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Homecoming vs Rolling Loud