Stranger Things returns with a second season


Jazmine Ramanathan, Staff Writer

    Stranger Things, our favorite spooky tv show, came out with their second season Friday the 27th. This new installment contains 9 new episodes, more than the previous season!

    Many people were skeptical of this second season before it premiered because the story itself seemed almost completely resolved although there were some cliffhangers which fans all meant a second season. By the looks of it on social media, everyone loves how the season is going!

    “There’s still a ton of unanswered questions. We get introduced to Max, a new character and we get to see how she plays a part in the events. It was definitely worth the one year wait.” Said Misbah (‘20)

    The characters all tie together to really unravel the true behind what is really causing all this deranged calamity.

    “Better than the first season, and you really get to watch  Will spiral into insanity and the true acting ability of the cast.” Rodrigo Alvarez (‘19)

    “I really like it and how it connects to the first season, but also has its own story. Also I love Steve” Camryn Gray (‘20).

    The second season really has outshined, and met all of the hype that was instilled in the long wait that true fans had to endure. It has an amazing plot, its own story which has not digressed from the true originality of the plot. This is a show to be sure to put on your binge list!