Pigskin 2017

Eve Schiano, Senior Photo Editor

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Amador Valley’s annual Pigskin Festival kicks off the school year and brings students together! See more at Pigskin 2017

Bridget O’Sullivan and Taylor Fiske (’18) promote the leadership booth!

Meghann Klein (’20) tries to raise money and to help promote Amador’s Water Polo Team

Whitney Smith and Sukaina Himmati (’18) sell polaroid pictures for the SIMS club

JV Cheerleaders diligently watch the game

Jamison Gray, Sydney DeVor, Molly Griston and Nja Zuniga (’18) pose for a picture at the front of the purple pit!

Varsity Cheer team poses for a photo before the late night game starts.

Meg Beymer (’18) performs with cologuard during the Pigskin’s halftime show

Julia Wood, Katie Heckart and Alyssa Bergman (’18) pose for a picture happily during the game!

Amador’s Varsity football team makes their entrance for the year carrying the flag with pride


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