Las Positas Locked Down

Donny Collinson, Eve Schiano, and Ellaina Samimi

UPDATE: The student involved had only brought a nerf gun onto campus, but his actions alarmed a teacher who contacted campus security. The police were called in to question the student before he was released. 

   Earlier today, Las Positas College went into lockdown because a suspicious man walked onto campus with what appeared to be a gun. Police are currently unaware of his motives; everyone was worried about the safety of the students.

    “I was in line getting food and all of the sudden everyone was saying to get into a room and that they’re going on lockdown.” said Aliseena Yousafi (‘17), Las Positas student and Foothill alumnus.

   So far, there has been relatively little alarm from the students.

    “The teacher is remaining calm, there are one or two students who are scared but our teacher is a former police officer. Everyone is overall peaceful and we have a plan if anything were to happen” said Lea Inberg (‘17), Las Positas student and Foothill alumnus.

    The police are currently in pursuit of the individual.

   “They’re chasing someone on the east side of campus… He had barricaded himself [by the soccer field] and the cops are trying to talk him down,” said Abigail Macmanus (‘17), Las Positas student and Mountain House alumnus during the lock down.

As of 12:00 PM, the man was been placed into police custody and students have been cleared to leave.

Police escort the suspect off campus

   The incident has called Las Positas campus safety into question.

   “I feel like this goes to show that no place is really safe. Even 20 minutes from a safe place like Amador, there’s stuff like this going on,” said Rishabh Das (‘18), a student at Amador who takes classes at Las Positas.

   Although the situation has simmered down significantly, it is unknown what motivated the man. After the recent attack in Las Vegas, tensions were high on campus.