Google’s Internal Error


James Damore is under a lot of fire but he stands by his words.

Maddie Dutra, Page Editor

     In early August, Google’s Senior Software Engineer James Damore stirred up quite the online hostility after writing a memo that has now gone viral.

     The memo, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” suggests that psychological differences deem men more fit than women for leadership roles. The memo then goes on to question the role of diversity in the workplace.

      “There’s nothing wrong with diversity… men and women can do the same things; gender doesn’t designate what a person can and cannot do” said Batseba Okubamichael (‘20).

     “There are differences in men and women, but it doesn’t make women any worse, it just makes them different,” said Sana Vijaynathan (‘20).

     Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai spoke out about the memo, responding that the memo “[advanced] harmful gender stereotypes in [the] workplace” and by “[suggesting] a group of [Google’s] colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK.” As of now, Pichai has ultimately fired Damore from his job.

     “[The memo] was someone’s private opinion that should have stayed private,” says Cameron Brace (‘20).

     This private opinion has caused quite the uproar, and people aren’t in a hurry to forget his sexist words.