12 Best Things to do in Pleasanton (and surrounding cities)

Ryan Palia, Staff Writer

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If you are a resident of Pleasanton who is bored with the suburban setting – stop complaining! There are a ton of things you can do in Pleasanton to have fun!

1.The Dairy

   Located at the south end of Main Street, the Dairy serves some of the best ice cream in California! You can come here to hang out with friends and savor the taste of the wonderful ice cream. “The Dairy is the best. The workers here are so nice and the ice-cream is delicious! It’s such a good place to hang out and it truly represents what Pleasanton’s culture embodies – fun, family, and laughter,” said Adrian Milana (‘17).

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2.Iron Horse Trail

   Take a walk down Iron Horse and admire the beautiful creek running through. There is a ton of vegetation to admire and this trail is great for getting exercise. “I’m a runner and I can confirm that the Iron Horse Trail is by far the best trail in Pleasanton! The creek is very pretty and the scenery motivates me to run,” said Kaitlin Cartwright (‘18).

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3.Pleasanton Library

   Learning doesn’t always have to happen at school. Pleasanton library has an amazing selection of books and movies for you to take home and enjoy. They also provide a quiet study place for you and your friends. There are many concerts and other events that occur here, come on over and join the fun! “I love the library and come here for some peace and quiet or to read a great novel,” said RJ Pennisi (‘18).

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4.Val Vista Park

   Val Vista features top-notch playground equipment, an in-line hockey rink, a skate park, and soccer fields. Come here and indulge in the joy of hockey, skateboarding and soccer. There is also rock-climbing to enjoy for the extra brave. “I love rock-climbing! It is good exercise and a fun way to hang out with friends and race to the top,” said Trevor Kracke (‘18).



5.Take a Walk Down Main Street

   Main Street features a plethora of shops and restaurants to enjoy. There is a plentiful amount of history in Pleasanton since this town was established in the 1800’s, and Main Street’s colonial architecture and style represents that.  “I love walking down Main Street. It is fun to run into friends downtown or take part in the once-a-month street fair which is filled with games, food, and prizes,” said Brooke Martin (‘17)

6.Shadow Cliffs

    Shadow Cliffs is a very nice area with many hiking trails and tons of wildlife. People visit shadow cliffs to get great views and plenty of exercise. You can also enjoy the lake or have a barbeque on the lakeside. There are lifeguards to keep children safe when the kids are not enjoying the delicious options the snackbar provides. “Shadow Cliffs is probably the most beautiful park in Pleasanton. From the lake for fishing to the beach area for picnics, Shadow Cliffs has it all. Sadly they took away the waterslides, but Shadow Cliffs is still a very nice place,” said Jayla Suen (‘19).


7.Pleasanton Golf Center

    The Pleasanton Golf Center is great for experienced or beginner golfers. The driving range is located across from the Center’s golf course. The driving range helps players practice their golf swing and short game. The course is perfect for a fun-filled nine hole challenge which is superb anytime. “I just love golfing; it’s the most fun way to hang out with friends! Its competitive aspect makes it the best sport. The Pleasanton Golf Center is by far the best golf course I have ever played on; its lush green grass makes it the best for playing golf. And I would know, my family is huge on golfing,” said Ariana Amini-Nejad (‘19).

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8.Lifetime Tennis Park

     The lifetime tennis courts provide easy access to a popular sport. The center provides tennis balls and you are able to rent tennis rackets if you are in need of the basic materials required to play. There are also courts with ball machines which spit up to five-hundred balls before a refill is needed, making this a great way to improve your form and swing. “As a fellow tennis player, I can attest to the statement that Lifetime Tennis Park is by far the best place to practice tennis in Pleasanton. The courts here are nice and spacious, and  they also offer really helpful tennis classes for beginners to advanced players,” said Kaitlynn Winter (‘20).

Lifetime Tennis Park

9.Museum on Main

    The Museum on Main is an inexpensive and informative experience. The museum’s History Gallery is a blast from the past. It shows the history of early Pleasanton and California. The museum often has new exhibits and galleries so no visit is the same and the kid’s corner excites children into learning about history and art. “I love the Museum on Main so much! I went there in 3rd grade for the Alisal field trip and really loved seeing the Indian spearheads. This is the best place for learning about Pleasanton culture,” said Jayme Beratlis (‘20).


  1.   Stoneridge Mall

    Stoneridge mall features a variety of different stores and restaurants. The mall is a popular hangout for kids after school and on the weekends. There are always reasonably priced restaurants and clothing stores along with higher end options which are available for those looking to spend more. “I love coming to the mall every Saturday and shopping till I drop! The selection of stores here is by far the best in the Bay Area. My favorite store is Bath and Body Works because I love smelling all of the pretty smells and trying on the new perfumes,” said Isaiah Contois (‘19).


  1.       Kottinger Hills

    Kottinger Hills is lesser known than the ridge but is a beautiful hiking experience for when you think you have seen everything Pleasanton has to offer. There are tons of small hills and fresh green grass which surround you with amazing scenery. Whether you are looking for exercise or seeking a great hiking adventure, kottinger hills will be sure to provide you with everything you need. “Kottinger Hills is nice because not a lot of people go there and I personally think that I would rather go there than the Ridge or Yosemite any day,” said Matt Oler (‘19)


  1.   Rockin Jump

   Rockin’ Jump is a lot of fun because it isn’t super expensive and gives students a chance to have fun and bounce off the walls. There is also a snackbar which serves pizza and drinks when you are tired of bouncing. The reason why Rockin’ Jump is so well-known is because there are not too many trampoline parks around and we are very lucky to have one of our very own. Also, every Friday is reserved for teenagers so you can be sure that you will find people your own age to bounce around with.

Rockin Jump

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