Unpopular AHCA Passes House Vote

Mark Liu, Politics Editor

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      On May 4th, the United States House of Representatives voted 217-213 to pass the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare), largely seen as the replacement to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The new bill now moves to the Senate for deliberation.

     Not all parts of the AHCA are bad. All taxes associated with Obamacare (investment, high income, medical devices, provider fees) will be repealed under the new act. Additionally, citizens can double the size of their health savings accounts.

     However, there are serious questions surrounding the proposed “Trumpcare”. Insurance companies can now charge senior citizens up to five times as much for health coverage. No longer will all healthcare providers be required to provide the “ten essential health care benefits”, some of which include emergency services and inpatient and maternity care. Worst of all, states can now individually choose to opt-out of mandatory coverage for pre-existing conditions. What this means is that millions of Americans with severe conditions such as depression, diabetes, and cancer will be left without any form of healthcare coverage.

     “I think as a country we must decide whether access to medicine is a right or a privilege.  I think it is a right of all Americans to have access to affordable health care and I think a single payer system that provides a base level of coverage makes the most sense. It would expand coverage, and the government could negotiate cheaper prices for procedures and pharmaceuticals… There is no way to cover all Americans, bring costs down, pay doctors, pay hospitals, pay nurses, pay pharmaceutical companies and pay insurance companies without raising taxes,” said Mr. Murphy who teaches AP World History.

     There has been widespread popular disapproval of the AHCA. According to some polls, a mere 31% of respondents reacted favorably towards the proposed legislation. It has been decried by preeminent and esteemed organizations such as the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association. Even 20 Republican lawmakers voted against the bill in the House.

     “I do not approve of the proposed new health bill the House passed last week.  It was hastily done and allows insurances to charge more for preexisting conditions.  Most people have a preexisting condition like allergies, or myself with having had a C-section,” said Mrs. Wohlgemuth who teaches AP U.S. History.

     It is important to note that the current version of the bill will not likely become law as the Senate has indicated that it plans to rewrite the bill itself. Nevertheless, we should all hope that this atrocity they call “American” progresses no further as there is nothing “American” about the “American” Health Care Act. It is a repudiation of true American values, thus it should be staunchly opposed.

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Unpopular AHCA Passes House Vote